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Party in My Dorm Hack & Cheats for Android and iOS

Party in My Dorm is one of the best friends and college fun game in the store now, which is very addictive and get you more engaged in every way. Player can set his own personality and whichever type of character you wants to be such as a athlete, traveler, college student, playboy, cheerleader, geek, designer art student or club girl.

Party in My Dorm is a casual roll playing fun game developed by A Thinking Ape, Inc. Ever looking for a game in genre of cool party, club, college, friends, girls and boys chat for Android or iOS? Now this is for you. You can change your avatars by hundreds of them pre-loaded in the game itself, collect enormous amount of gifts.

You can find your girl, boy, surfer and join the club or party to dance, prank and fight. All your activities will make you popular in college and you can get new relationships by finding new boyfriend or girlfriend.

The popular casual college game is a credits and notes based which requires credits points to unlock the game features and enjoy the full gameplay to do that you will need to pay a lot of money to earn credits and notes resource value.

Ultimate guide for Party in My Dorm Hack and Cheats

Before apply the cheat codes install the normal Google Play version of Party in My Dorm game, you don’t need the mod APK, hack tool, no need to root or jailbreak your Android and iOS phones.

We don’t recommend any hack tools, instead you can use our Party in My Dorm cheat codes which is quite simple to use and 100% safe also will earn unlimited money in the game without mod APK.

Party in My Dorm Hack & Cheat Code: KC-j5uqqWg

This cheat code will get 99,999 credits money in your game, you can use the same code multiple times to earn unlimited money on Party in My Dorm to get get Unlimited Doctor’s Notes, Extra Coins, Unlimited Cash and Free Shopping Mode. This cheat codes works on Party in My Dorm for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.


Party in My Dorm Hack & Cheats for Android and iOS
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